Highlighting the Differences Between Allopathic and Homeopathic Medicine

Highlighting the Differences Between Allopathic vs. Homeopathic/Natural

Allopathic – prescriptions, western medicine

Disease is classified as an event that has determinable causes; illnesses occur as the result of an invasion by an outside source, such as viruses, germs or bacteria. Classification of disease should be according to their causes. Symptoms indicate their causes, are directly related to the causes and more important for treatment purposes. Allopathy treats only the aggravated symptoms of the physical body and tries to cure physical body imbalances. Symptomatic and diagnostic medicine contains no individualization – it consists more of a protocol approach and symptomatic release. Removal of symptoms is regarded as cure while, in reality, the disease itself remains untreated. Allopathic medicine frequently resorts to aggressive methods and toxic drugs with intense side effects. As a result, the physical body will be unable to make proper representations of the ongoing imbalances of the vital body, leading to a chronic mismatch between the vital body blueprints and their physical body representations. Allopathic medicine does not put belief in the healing power of Nature or consciousness. It has a materialistic approach based on the skill of the physician over the Vital Force Physician.

Homeopathic/Natural – Whole Body Healing

Disease is a breakdown of vital forces; it is the result of overwhelming movement in the vital body (feelings, emotions) which weakens the body. It is the inability to process the emotional stresses weakening the body that leaves the individual influence of disease agents such as viruses, germs or bacteria. The internal cause of the breakdown cannot be known. The treatment of illness depends upon knowledge of medicines and their healing power, acquired by experimentation on healthy people who can describe the fine nuances of change in attitude and emotional, physical and mental states. Symptoms disappear in the reverse order in which they appear. Homeopathy systems cure the vital body imbalance. The Vital Body provides blueprint-morphogenetic fields for the organs. Medicines are chosen for their similarity with the characteristics of the patient, and thus work with the individual immune system and not against it; all medicine must be individualized. Homeopathic medicine is also used for ailments of constitutional nature — ailments that people tend to accept as part of their physical make up or “constitution”. These are ailments that run in families and are often attributed to pure genetics – they are thought of to be simply a part of the person and incurable. Healing crisis is a common side effect of homeopathic medicine; it is the belief in the healing power of the vital body and recognition of an immaterial underlying reality, also known as consciousness. With the Consciousness approach, the practitioner follows the vital body’s lead and adds the energy or signature of the similar remedy to the healing process.

Where are the factors that influence your intention?


About Debrah Zepf, Ph.D.

Dr. Zepf pursued a career in alternative, integrative and complementary medicine because of her belief that the human body can heal itself when the proper environment is created and supported. As a Christian and an intuitive, she connects with God and the Angels for guidance to assist others with their healing journeys. Using herbs, homeopathic remedies, energetic medicine, botanicals, biofeedback, cranial sacral treatments, aromatic medicine therapy, micro-current therapy, foot-bath detox and far infrared sauna, Dr. Zepf’s clients leave her clinic feeling healthier, more energetic, and on the path to restoring the body back to its right and natural balance. They feel enlightened, grounded and have a sense of well-being.


  • Saleem says:

    well homopatic medican only work if follow right way,
    i mean not to eat 30 min before and after mediciean.

    no tobaco or anything that weak you body till u take mediciean.

    drink water lot of water

    i had slip disk problem L4 which gave me bad pain all the way to my right foot.

    on my MRI report doctor told me oprataion.

    well i was not ready for it. and took homopatich medican and in 15 day i fit and walk with no presser. kool

  • Thank you for your comments. Yes, Homeopathic when taken as directed by a practitioner who understand the remedies work beautifully with the body.

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