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“Why Physica Energetic” remedies

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In this series of Nutritional supplements, I get to educate you on the “Why Physica Energetic” remedies. Hopefully you are enjoying the information. My reason in doing this series, hopefully, will inspire you to make great choices in nutritional supplements and ensure that if you are taking any, ie: fish oil, greens, Vit D3, etc that they have no fillers or toxins in them. Remember if you have trouble pronouncing the words on the label, or you don’t know what an ingredient is, look it up and see what it is. It could be harming your cells and disconnect the mind/body from achieving it’s higher purpose.

During this series, we will be offering 10% on each remedy we discuss.


Viamin C is an essential vitamin that can only be obtained through diet. It is a powerful antioxidan, required for at least 300 metabolic functins in the body. It plays a critical role in tissue growth and repair.  It not only supports connective tissue by building collagen but is also required for the production of folic acid and enhances the absoprtion rate of iron and supports the adrenal glands through the formation of anti-stress hormones.

Supplemental Vitamin C has been shown to offer protection agains heart disease and for the treastment of Arthritis and cataracts.


Vitamin C deficiency is common in mentally ill patients.

Clinical research trials have shown vitamin C supplementation to be effective in the treatment of schizophrenia and other mental illness.

Vitamin C is able to combine with certain heavy metals, rendering them harlmess and enabling their removal from the body. Supplementation should be considered in the case of any heavy metal detoxification protocol or dental procedure dealing with the removal of mercury amalgams.

More information regarding Alkalize-C, see the attached monograph.


For your 10% off Alkalize-C nutritional supplement, call us at 303-249-7742 and we will be happy to mail it to you. Or stop in at the office for your footbath and pick up your bottle now!


Physica Energetics – Nutritional Supplement Series:

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healingThe toxic burden (dietary, environmental, emotional, etc,) continues to increase in our world. As a result people everywhere require nutritional support to replace what is being lost in their daily diet as well as assistance to offset the toxic onslaught. In keeping with the principles of Bio Energetic Medicine, Physica Energetic remedies nourish and support the systems of the body without punishing them with overstimulation or im-balancing factors, which ultimately, is counterproductive. These nutritionals are made from natural ingredients in proper energetic and biochemical ratios. They are designed to be included as part of every healing protocol to assist in yielding a deep and lasting result.

Healing for the Pattern of Life is the main purpose clients and patients come to me.  Dr. Cass – My Favorite Canadian Doctor/Mentor created this concept as a legacy to help people move through life with grace and Ease.  The following weeks, I will give you information on some of the best nutritional supplements in the world… in my opinion.  Please, if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at or call me at 303-249-7742.


The Matrix Nutritional series is designed as an eclectic line of products primarily to assist in the “reactivation of the mesenchyme” (Dr. Rheinhold Voll) via the nutritional complement pathways. These pathways are present in every system throughout the body and require balanced attention. This is why I use the EAV (Electro Acupuncture Voll) Meridian Assessment tool which guides me through the body’s systems and organs.

This approach has been carefully and respectfully designed to provide the necessary natural, (organic where available) synergistic factors in proper energetic and biochemical ratios so that the products may assist in yielding a deep and lasting result. They are not to be confused with mere replacement therapy nutraceuticals that may seem to help for the moment…

These products honor The Legacy of BioEnergetic Medicine and are known by both patient and practitioner to be exceptionally effective and fast acting. They are free from toxic excipients and binders. The lyophilized glandulars are from New Zealand/organic bovine – hence the “Kiwi” icon, indicating that they have not been subject to hormones and synthetic feed.

Note: all Matrix Nutritionals are in veggie capsules

During this series, we will be offering a 10% discount on each remedy we discuss. Enjoy!



Adrenal Life Force

In today’s accelerated society, the adrenal glands become severely overburdened by chronic stress, environmental pollutants, infections and the overuse of stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and nocotine.  The body’s attempt to compensate for stress results in an increased production of cortiso from the adrenal cortex, leading to a disrution of the delicate balance of hormones required for health and vitality.

Factors contributing to elevated cortisol include:

1) Chronic Inflammation
2) Chronic Xenobiotic Infection
3) Glycemic Control
4) Emotional/Psychological issues

80% of people sufering from adrenal fatigue also expeirence symptoms of low thyroid. Similarly, until the adrenals glands are strengthened, supplemental treatment for thyroid disorders will be less effective.

Here are some foods you should NOT CONSUME, if you are experiencing some of these challenges:

a)   SOY products – all forms

b)   Caffein

c)    Red Meat

d)   All processed foods especially SUGAR

Food you should increase in your daily lifestyle:

a)   Greens – up to 10 servings/day – if this is not possible, substitute with powdered greens.
b)   Water – ½ your body weight in ounces every day. If you do consume any caffein, then double your water intake of the number of ounces of caffein you drank! 8 oz = 16 oz of water extra
c)    The food pyramid should be upside down.  Who knew!

For more information on this nutritional supplment, please see attached monograph.




What The Doctor Recommend – Take 15% Off!

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Purchase What The Doctor Recommends AND TAKE 15% OFF when buying the package!!!

SPRING CLEANING – is a time and season of “Wood Energy”. The swelling of wood in spring initiates rebirth. It is the energy of youth and growth: a new beginning, a vision of a whole new cycle. The wood energy of spring is an expression of life at its strongest.  Is your mind cloudy? Is your mind making you unproductive? Do you feel inefficient? Then spring cleaning is for you! When you have completed 1 month of these remedies you might want to do a Liver Cleanse… J 

  • Flora Syntropy                               $ 52.00
  • Nat Body Clear                              $ 65.00
  • Nat Colon Clear                             $ 29.95
  • Relax Milleu                                  $ 24.80

           Package Total   = $171.75   Discounted Price = $145.99 + tax & SH

SUMMER STABILITY – Summer is the season of fire. It gives us warmth and the capacity to love and be loved. It enables us to mature and blossom. The fire element expresses itself as joy and manifests within us as love, laughter and enthusiasm. How is your fire? How easy is it for you to forgive? How easy is it for you to receive? Do you accept yourself? To help you with any of these uncertainties, then this package is for you.

  • Flora Syntropy                               $ 52.00
  • Hawthorn                                      $ 26.80
  • Ultimate Fields                              $ 25.40
  • Bio-Omega 3                                 $ 42.00

Package Total = $146.20 Discounted Price =$124.27 + tax & SH

AUTUMN HARVESTING – The energy of autumn gives us our sense of quality and value and our capacity to look at what lies beyond ourselves. It gives us the power to let go. The work of autumn is about cleaning out old negativity. Having provided the harvest, natures lets go of its abundant creation and settles in to heal. Grief is the emotion of autumn. WE must acknowledge sorrow/grief, but don’t stay here, let it go. The need is to unleash the possibility of creativity. Even if you loose, you win, when releasing.  How is your “let go?” Do you find yourself thinking about the past? Have you had enough of your symptom or disease? Do you feel sad all the time? Do you feel obsessed about your past? Then let go and let God and be in the NOW with these remedies

  • CoQ10                                           $ 53.60
  • Solray D Spray                               $ 42.00
  • Green Light                                   $ 36.50
  • Flora Syntropy                               $ 52.00

   Package Total = 184.10    Discounted Price = $156.49 + tax & SH

WINTER REPAIR – Winter is the season of water and emphasizes the essence of life. It is a time of self-recollection. When we can go inside, water points us to that dark quiet pool within ourselves where our essential self-identity resides. When you wake up in the morning are you full of energy? Do you feel drained all the time? Do you feel overwhelmed by situations? Are you bitter about life? These remedies will help you restore your inner-self.

  • Solray D Spray                               $ 42.00
  • Spleen Qi                                       $ 26.80              
  • Flora Syntropy                               $ 52.00
  • Ultimate Fields                              $ 25.40

            Package Total = $146.20  Discounted Price = $124.27 + tax & SH


What is Homeoprophylaxis? 4 Ways To Help Prevent the Flu This Year

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Homeoprophylaxis is used to protect individuals from the effects of infectious diseases. In contrast to conventional vaccination, Homeoprophylaxis does not rely on antibody formation, but on changing the susceptibility of the child or adult to disease. The philosophy behind Homeoprophylaxis is different from conventional vaccination in that the micro-organisms are not in themselves seen as the sole cause of disease, but rather the interplay between the micro-organisms and the individual susceptibility of the child or adult: the healthier the patient, the less susceptible he or she is to a disease.

The use of HP (Homeoprophylaxis) was first described by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, in 1801 (2). He used the remedy Belladonna 30 to successfully treat patients with the disease Scarlet Fever, but fortuitously found that the remedy also helped to prevent the disease. He then used HP to prevent such diseases as Cholera and Typhoid. In the decades following, many leading homoeopaths used HP to prevent a variety of infectious diseases, mainly in acute epidemic situations (3).

We are now in “that time of year” where we should be helping our bodies to prevent the flu, the fevers and overall not feeling well.  Attached to this email is a homeoprophylaxis schedule for those wanting to explore this way to prevent any dis-ease this fall and winter.


The remedies that Dr. Robert Cass (my Canadian Mentor) is talking about are:

Vaccin Tox – helps with multiple Vaccination detoxification EBV, CMV, Cocksackie, Mono. It’s utlized to both immunize and to assist in removing “residuals” from the connective tissue. Helps the body to recognize and remove the pathogens in the body.

Flu Milieu – Detoxification from colds, flu, coughs, EBV CMV, Mono. It’s also great for prevention when traveling to be protected from “Airplain flu”.

Drainage Milieu – This beautiful homeopathic remedy helps with draining the mesenchyme. Also helps with lymphatic, spleen and thymus drainage.

Flu immune spray – I created this essential oil blend to use as preventative natural medicine. It is antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and has multiple uses. Instead of using a hand sanitizer, which has many chemicals in it, the Flu immune spray does the job!

To have any of the above remedies, stop by and pick some up. Or call the office and we can ship them out to you. Our number is 303-249-7742. This is a perfect way to stay healthy, keeping those nasty cling-ons out of your body!

May 10 Million angels guide you on your healing journey. May your eyes be open to see the miracles in life and may your ears be open to hear the whispers from within and from above.

God Bless
Dr. Deb

P.S. I am creating a blend of essential oils for Ebola, just incase! :)


6 Ways to Being a Genius

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Did you know that you have 86,400 seconds everyday to create new purpose in your life and use thoughts and words to co-create your future.  Everyday you start off with the same amount and every night you lose what seconds you haven’t used to a greater purpose. Then you start your day over again. What are you doing with these seconds?

There is no going back, no drawing on yesterdays seconds. You must live in the NOW to use every second to YOUR HIGHEST GOOD!

Making an investment in yourself knowing that you are a genius and using every second in your life to your highest good all depends on YOU, Yourself and no one else.  Your investment is your time and time is given to you freely.

There is a great quote Dr. Porter uses from one of the great world teachers, “ Those who want to secure pearls from the sea have to dive deep to fetch them. It does not help them to dabble among the shallow waves, near the shores has no pearls and all stories about them are false.”  What is meant by this simple example? That there is always those people who believe in the struggle of life and little else. They will tell you “that is impossible” that you can’t do that, or “just accept it, that is just the way life is”.  To these people, there is only one way to learn – Their way.  These are the people that walk near the shores and never find any pearls.

Here are your 5 ways to find your Genius within.

1) Those shiny pearls are in the ocean in the depts to find, just waiting for you.  Use your mind and your seconds wisely. Here is how you can do this:


2) Do something that is outside your norm! Our Paster calls this Confirmation Bias. This is about, doing something new so that you can break the habit of being “stuck.”  If you are person that normally is an intravert, try doing something that an extravert would do. Yes it will feel weird, but give it a try. For example, if you would normally be quiet at a gathering, get up and go introduce yourself to 10 new people. OR, if you are one to go out every night and love to stay busy, choose 3 nights a week to stay home, listen to quiet music, meditate and go “within” to find your happy place.

3) Choose your food wisely to fuel your body. Let your food ~ nurture, fuel and heal your body. Nutrients are the gateway to good health. What’s eating you? Your food or your thoughts? We know that food with toxins and chemicals destroy many good things within the body. So do your thoughts!  Choose both purposefully. YOU ARE A GENIUS… Remember this.

4) Meditation/prayers/affirmations are the perfect way to connect to your higher vibrational energy for attaining the Mind/Body connection for perfect health.  The Brain Fit SMT therapy in our office is a great way to start you on your path. ( Come in for your free session.  Here are some awesome affirmations to say 3 times a day during your quiet time. They only take a few minutes during your breathing exercise daily:

  • I am perfect, whole and complete
  • I am divinely connected
  • I have an abundance of love, laughter and gratitude
  • I expect income from unexpected sources
  • I receive all that is to my highest good
  • I am a genius

Remember that you must own your words. Feel them… absorbe them…have emotion with them to bring the high vibrational frequency together and create your reality.

5) Exercise your body and your brain. There is a wonderful game on the internet called luminosity ( Do crossword puzzels, Sudoku and perhaps even Jeapordy with Alex Trabec. (I love this guy and of course he is Canadian!)  To exercise your body, you do not have to start hard core. Try doing 5 minutes 2X/day, then in 2 weeks, go up to 10 minutes/day and so on. By the time you get up to 45 minutes per day, you will feel awesome.  I like to use Pace Express. ( It is 12 minutes of functional training and then I go for my 3 mile walk.

sep11a6) Love Yourself – you deserve it. Feel it inside and out. Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Being a genius means that your have conditioned your body to perceive that your thoughts are more real than anything else. Go within, find stillness and listen to your higher self. The best way to find your genius is to listen to it – deep inside you, which is love. Dive deep, find the love within. You know it’s there. Feel it!

The pearls that you are looking for in life are sometimes very deep and hard to find. You just have to spend the time to trust yourself in the things you choose to do. Use your intuition, that gut feeling, those butterflies, that guide you and direct you to choices that are to your highest good.

May 10 Million angels guide you on your healing journey. May your eyes be open to see the miracles in life and may your ears be open to hear the whispers from within and from above.

God Bless
Dr. Deb

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