ATTEND our Stress and Weight Loss Seminar on Thursday night at 6:00 pm and receive a free Contour Body Wrap. This Seminar is for those who want to have a mind/body transformation, loose weight and create new healthy habits….for life!


Dr. Debrah Zepf will surprise and educate you on the connection between poor health and stress. She will inform you what you can do to live a healthier life from the inside out AND why you should really “Just Do It”


  • To educate attendees on how every day affects our mind/body/spirit
  • To introduce attendees what are today’s diminishing health issues and stress challenges
  • To identify specific lifestyles to live a happy, healthy life
  • Condition and Environment affect healing
  • To introduced the QWLP and how it works


You must register to attend.

Nutrition Workshops
Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

15530 E. Broncos Parkway, Suite 320
Centennial, Colorado

The following workshops have been designed to complement our Quantum Weight Loss Program (QWLP).

For those registered and participating in our QWLP, the first 12 workshops are FREE and you are welcome to bring a friend to the Nutrition Workshops as your guest.


9/11 – Exercise and Weight Loss

Increasing the physical activity in your life is one of the most important changes you can make to ensure long-term weight loss and control of your weight regulator.

9/18 -  Understanding the Body – The Acid / Alkaline Balance

• What is the Acid / Alkaline Balance?
• Acid / Alkaline Forming Minerals
• Symptoms of Excess Acid Waste
• Alkaline Forming Foods
• Acid Forming Foods
• Ways to Alkalize the System

9/25 -  Oxygenating the Body — The Lymphatic System

• What is the Lymphatic System?
• How to activate the Lymphatic System.
• The role the Lymphatic System plays in our health.
• Rebound exercise

10/2 -  Detoxifying the Body

• The Importance of Internal Cleansing
• How do I know if I need to Cleanse?
• Common Causes of Toxicity
• Benefits of Herbs

10/9 -  Feed the Body–Body Chemistry

• Why Insulin is Important
• How Insulin Works in the Body
• Insulin and Exercise
• The Glycemic Index

10/16 – Dispelling the Myths—Protein

• Why is protein so important?
• How much protein do we need?
• What are amino acids?
• What is glucagon?

10/23 – Sugar Awareness – Hypoglycemia & Diabetes

Many of the things you eat have hidden sugars in them and many of the foods you eat (starches and carbohydrates) break down into sugar. Hypoglycemia and diabetes are on the rise in our culture.  About 120 million Americans have hypoglycemia, and diabetes affects about 1 out of every 7 people. So sugar awareness is very important.

10/30 – The Benefits of a High Fiber Diet

• What Fiber Is
• The Amount of Fiber We Need Daily
• The Role Fiber Plays in the Body

11/6 -  The Immune Systemʼs Role in Weight Loss

• Understanding the Immune Response
• Food Intolerance
• How Food Sensitivities Can Cause Weight Gain
• Why Your Blood Type is Important
• Antigens
• Lectins
• How Wheat Gluten Affects Weight Loss
• Blood Type and Weight Loss
• Signs of Food Sensitivities
• Fat-Creating Cycle of Reactive Foods
• ALCAT Test

11/13 – Changing Belief Systems — Emotions & Health

The importance of dealing with anxiety and stress and how this affects weight loss.

• Basics of Emotions and Health
• What is Anxiety and Stress
• The Nervous System
• Emotions and Food Choices
• Light and Sound Technology

11/20 – Fats Your Body Needs – Essential Fatty Acids/Oils

Fatty acids are essential for the bodyʼs cells to function normally and stay alive. The cell membranes allow passage of necessary minerals and molecules in and out of the cells. Healthy cell membranes discourage dangerous chemicals and organisms like bacteria, viruses, molds and parasites from entering the cell.

12/4 – Reversing the Aging Process

• Basic Nutrition for Older Adults
• Oxygen Therapy
• COQ10 & SOD
• Hydrogenated Fats

12/11 – Metabolism

Understanding your bodyʼs metabolism. Everyoneʼs metabolism is different — dependent upon your lifestyle, activity level, and food choices. This class will point out some things you can do to get (and keep) your metabolism in balance.

12/18 – Plateaus

Understanding and breaking through plateaus…thosetimes when you just donʼt seem to be losing weight.

1/8 – Balanced Eating

What a balanced meal is and some options for balancing your meals. However, it is important to note that a correctly balanced meal will vary from person to person depending on body size, metabolism, and level of activity.

1/15 – How Stress Affects Weight Loss

Stress is an unavoidable part of many peoplesʼ lives. Commuting to work, being at work, deadlines at work, and even the home environment can all create stress. It is not the actual stress that creates problems, itʼs how one handles the stress. Therefore, itʼs important to learn how to help your body ward off stress through listening to ZenFrames sessions, relaxation, deep breathing, exercise, and through getting the proper nutrients.



  1. I would like to register for the workshop in Hawii Oct 8th
    What is the cost?
    I have allready taken most of my courses at IQUIM for the PHD of Integrated Medicine and will be attending the conferance.
    Will this give certifiaction for using the oils.
    Beverley Walker
    Langley BC

  2. Beverly;
    Thank you for the inquiry. This hands-on workshop is very near and dear to me. The investment includes:
    • Custom made Chakra kit of Essential oils
    • Protocols
    • My book, “Chakra Clearing Using Essential Oils”
    • Training Manual for future reference
    • This workshop will give CEU’s to all those who qualify through NTCB.

    The cost of the workshop is $597.00. The CEU’s will be for the Chakra Clearing Therapy itself using essential oils. Have already taken my courses on Aromatherapy through IQUIM? The CEU’s do not give you a certificate as an aromatherapist however, does go into great detail about the oils in the kit and why I have blended them together.

    You can register at: Just click on the Hawaii link and it takes you to the registration page.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!
    Blessings in Love and Light
    Dr. Zepf

  3. Dr Zepf
    As I looked closer I think I will wait for you to come closer to home. I do not see myself packing my massage table to Hawii. I do have a love for the oils and have purchased some Essential 3 products, I thoughly enjoyed your classes with IQUIM. Lookng forward to meeting you at the conference.

  4. Bev;
    Perhaps we can talk in Hawaii and we can plan for you to host a training weekend! They are always alot of fun. I am trying to arrange to have tables available, but wouldn’t know for a couple more weeks. If I do manage to get some tables rented, I will let you know!
    Blessings in Love and Light!
    Dr. Zepf

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